Start small with just one space or
get fully organized with as many
spaces as you would like!

I will work with you to de-clutter your closet, pantry or desired room(s) and then transform the space so it’s functionable and easy to maintain.

Consultation – 30 minute in-home consultation to discuss needs, vision, goals & budget. Photos and measurements will be taken during this time.

Following your in-home meeting you will receive a project proposal which will include an overview of expected work, product list and estimate of time spent organizing/installing systems in your home.

Consultations are $75

Upon booking a service this fee will be credited back. 

$65 per hour – Time spent in your home editing (if needed/with client), organizing and installing any organizational systems. I will purchase items/supplies within your approved budget before installation which will be tracked using the hourly rate. No additional charge for:

  • Exchanges and returns
  • Donation drop off of unused/purged items at client approved charity & receipt sent to client

Are you planning a move or have just moved into a new space and are surrounded by a mountain of boxes?

Let me help you alleviate the stress of setting up a new home by unpacking your kitchen, pantry, closet (or any other space) and set up an organizational system that will have you set up for success from the beginning. I can meet the movers, quickly unpack your boxes, purchase products needed and organize any space in your new home. It’s so much easier to maintain an organizational system when it’s set up and ready to go from day one!

$65 per hour – I will meet with you before your move if possible and tour your new home. After seeing your space and learning about your wants/needs I will purchase products/systems and be ready for installation when you are.

Are you overwhelmed with trying to clean out your space and need a fresh set of eyes?

I would love to help you re-claim your space with an editing session! We will work together to decide what you need to keep, toss or donate. This session includes removal of items to be recycled or donated (within reason). For larger items I will coordinate a junk removal appointment.

  • 2 hour editing session – $150
  • 4 hour editing session – $300

At the end of this session you will be left with a space that is de-cluttered and ready to be organized! At this time if you need additional help with organizing your space you can book a home organization appointment.

This service is meant for existing clients who would like an update or refresh to a space that Simply Contained has previously organized.

Sometimes life gets in the way or wants/needs change and things need a quick refresh. I will tidy up your space, reassess needs and leave you with a clean & organized space. Additional products will be purchased if needed with the client’s approval.

$65 per hour.

2 hour minimum.

Are you exhausted after the holidays and can’t wrap your head around taking down the tree and all of your festive décor?

Let me take the stress of un-decorating your home and storing all of your décor. I will organize all of your items in storage totes that you already own or can start from scratch and purchase the appropriate storage items that will keep your holiday décor organized, safe and ready for decorating next year.

$65 per hour + any product and/or organizational systems that need to be purchased.

*This service is for indoor décor only. 3 hour minimum.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.

Benjamin Franklin

Organizing Nashville, TN & surrounding areas