We just moved from our home of many years, which had a ton of storage space, into a home with very little storage. Kemble came up with lots of ideas to organize all that I brought into less space, and be able to see what I have and locate items quickly. My office, laundry room, kitchen and bathrooms are now beautifully organized and I can find things immediately due to the containers and labels she chose. She also helped me do away with many of the needless things we accumulated over the years. I love the time we spent together because of her sweet and easy going character. She has inspired me to get organized and I will definitely be calling her again to work her magic!

Angela T.Nashville, TN

I had two closets in my house that had slowly gotten out of control! Kemble worked with me to go through both spaces and helped me decide what should be kept, given away or stored elsewhere. She then organized both closets beautifully so I could see everything I had at a glance. The containers she used fit the closets perfectly and matched my style. She took the time to learn what was important to me and made decisions based on my preferences and the end result I was trying to achieve. Now every time I open the doors to these closets I smile instead of cringing. They look amazing and I can easily find exactly what I need. I will definitely be calling her again to organize other spaces in my home.

Rechelle C.Franklin, TN

My wife and I recently moved from our home in which we lived for over 40 years. We asked Kemble to assist us with unpacking and setting up several rooms in our new home. She met with us before we moved, assessed the situation, advised us of what it would take in time and effort to move and developed a color coded system to use as we packed and labeled boxes. She worked with us to learn about our priorities for organizing our new home and came up with great ideas for storage and ways to maximize our space. Once we moved in she unpacked and set up our kitchen, pantry, home office and storage room. Having these spaces organized as soon as we moved in was a tremendous help. Kemble is all business. She wastes no time and gets right to work and is a pleasure to work with. If we ever decide to move again, Kemble is the first person we will call.

Dennis D.Brentwood, TN

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